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In BMS we have augmented our productive capacity with the new opening of a facility place specialized in blow moulded parts – extrusion parts for delivering to our customer’s

As in the Barcelona BMS plant as in the BMS Automotive Rioseco plant, we count with machinery of last level technology, in order to satisfy our customers Furthermore our engineering department work together with customer in every new project. Getting the finality in a production with a very good ratio in cost/ quality. In BMS we count with our own technology for the development for the design, development of our productive systems under the requirements of the customer specifications.

The specialization of BMS in production of air ducts and climatization conducts, such as many other automotive tanks (brake liquid, expansion, wind scrappers liquid, urea,.) is highly recognized in the sector, trusting in us many top OEMs in the world.


With the firm will to consolidate us in the automotive world, Blow Molding System (BMS) is in possession of the ISO/TS 16949 (TÜV Rhineland). ISO 14001 & 9001 certification. 



The actual vehicles are equipped with a high quantity of air ducts with the finality to warranty the perfect climatization of the inside of the vehicle.


This air ducts, normally are produced in Polytene in high density (PEHD); they are produced by an extrusion- blow moulding process, amplified with many sub-technologies from BMS.

Urea tanks

Since 1st of January 2015, all new vehicles sold in the European union countries, must fulfil the new limits for the Euro 6 regulation. The new regulation not only regulated the emissions of C=2, responsible of the global heating of the globe, is also for the emissions of the NOx, another contaminant associated to the combustion of the diesel, very bad for health of life beings. The AdBlue will be converted in many cases, in the only solution to neutralize this contamination gases and continue selling diesel vehicles, but this one cleaner vehicle tans the ones produced until actuality.


With more than 5 million parts produced, in BMS we are experts in the development of this projects, though the targets of quality and cost efficiencies.

For the production of this type of projects, we use a new generation machinery, with the maximum precision, high speed and low consumption.


IATF 16949 + ISO 14001


What does it consist the AdBlue?

The AdBlue is essentially an additive and as we have said it need his own supply system that supplies and administrates itself.


This additive doesn’t get mixed with the gasoline, it’s fitted in a cylinder next to the fume escape, with the catalysators and with the particle filters. In that device the AdBlue, gets sprayed in order to get added together with the fumes and with this chemic reaction at high temperatures it reacts an generates ammoniac and this gets converted into nitrogen and H2O (water), that are less damaging for the environment. 


Other products from BMS for the Automotive industry

Furthermore, on the specialization on airducts, we have a high experience in the production of other automotive components, such as:

Air channels and climatization channels; admission air ducts; wind scrappers systems; expansion tanks, filling tubes; Urea tanks; esthetical parts (exterior chassis); plastic visible parts (interior parts); console interior parts; glove compartments; object keepers...


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